TIDC is proud to enable our dancers to take their dance class home and learn faster with Movitae

We will provide parents and students with some great dance resources via Movitae, plus video feedback from class, studio specific information and we will use Movitae as a communication tool. Please sign up now to take advantage of this personal dance assistant and to make sure you don’t miss out on studio information.
Movitae is simple to use, just click the link below!
You will be notified when an item is shared with you (after sign up, download the Movitae app to receive push notifications and for easy access to your account).
Instructions below:
Click on this link https://movitae.com/signup?code=TID1210 and sign up. Parents when signing up please use your child’s name, you will need to enter parent details also. Note you are the guardian on the account.
You will be linked to TIDC and will be prompted to join your group.
After you have signed up and created your account, download the free Movitae App onto your smartphone/tablet for easy access to Movitae.
Remember you can use the ‘help’ on the site to contact the Movitae team at any time if you need to, they are very helpful. You can also email them on info@movitae.com.